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PTG Studios “Pulse on America” to feature Body Mechanics

PTG StudiosPulse on America” to feature Body MechanicsÔ

--Fighting children’s obesity with new superheroes --

Dec. 12, 2006, Deerfield Beach, FL – Platinum Television Group
is pleased to announce the selection of Body MechanicsÔ for its innovative, educational television series, Pulse on America. The company will be featured in a segment on “Touching Hearts, Changing Lives” as part of a series on Our Children Today & Tomorrow. The show will be aired on the Learning Channel, the ABC Family Channel, and before and after news headlines on CNN in regional cable markets.

While it has been acknowledged worldwide as a major problem, childhood obesity has not had many creative approaches to dealing with the issue.  But out of Australia comes an exciting concept: Tony Findlay, of the company Big Red Frog, who has worked in the fitness industry for more than 25 years, and who had co-created & hosted a children’s health television show in the past, combined his interests to come up with a Body Mechanics Toolkit which teaches children how to be their own superheroes to fight the “enemy.”  There is a movie and DVD game called “Escape from Obeez City” with a storyline involving keeping a body running properly (the Body Mechanics) and fighting the Coalition of Harm and Disease.

His main goal is to inspire children to learn about how their bodies work, and to inspire action to get them to want to move their bodies and exercise.  Ultimately, he hopes to save lives.  “I try to come up with ways to reach kids without fighting their interests in media.  I use those interests (interactive games, animated movies and superheroes) to provide entertainment and learning.”  He believes that if you show children how to eat in a meaningful way that they can relate to, they will see its importance.  “What we do is explain things from a kid’s perspective, in a way that is understandable and interesting.”

There will also be more animations, comic books and an extensive licensing program, including toys, games, publishing, home entertainment and packaged goods.  The program will be launched in the U.S. in New York City in February, including a Healthy Schools Initiative program planned for 2007 for elementary schools in New York City.

Findlay’s enthusiasm for the project cannot be contained.  His keys to success are Awareness, Knowledge and Action.  The purpose of Body MechanicsÔ is to simplify concepts like diabetes, cholesterol, obesity, proper nutrition and more for those from age 5 on up. The movie/DVD game recently won awards in several categories at the Parent to Parent Adding Wisdom Awards ceremony, and have been nominated for the Top 100 children’s products of all time.  For more information, see

PTG Studios Features: Body Mechanics

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