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PTG Studios “Pulse on America” to feature Solid Source Realty

PTG StudiosPulse on America” to feature Solid Source Realty

--Woman starts & runs top Atlanta real estate firm,

based on philosophy of faith & appreciation --

May 15, 2007, Deerfield Beach, FL – Platinum Television Group is pleased to announce the selection of Solid Source Realty for its innovative, educational television series, Pulse on America. The company will be featured in the “Model of Excellence Series: Innovative Real Estate Solutions.” This segment will air nationally on the Travel Channel and ABC Family Channel as well as on regional CNN Headline News broadcasts at the top and bottom of the hour.

When Michele Shoda moved back to her hometown, Atlanta, GA, four years ago, she had management, investment, and sales experience, but needed a flexible work environment because she also had a new baby.  She decided to start her own firm, based on her vision “from God”, her skills with people, her belief in family values and her God-given talent.  She researched information on other major firms which led to seeing the available opportunity to introduce a new trend.

That’s how Solid Source Realty began, and now it is the largest real estate office in Georgia, with over 1200 agents, six offices, and franchises being offered nationwide.

In such a competitive field, Shoda decided to focus on her Realtors, giving them the benefit of affiliation with a large company but encouraging their independence.  She did this by creating technology to lessen their dependence on a main office for transaction records.  Transaction paperwork is online, creating “the first paperless real estate firm in the country,” according to Shoda.  She also rewards Realtors a higher commission than usual, based on a transaction fee to the agency rather than a percentage of the commission based on sales price.  In order to avoid a competitive environment, Solid Source does not post the rankings of its agents.  Continuing Education classes are offered monthly free of charge.  Her rationale: “If you focus on the individual agent’s success, the company’s success will follow.” This business model is certainly the trendsetter for the future of real estate brokerage not only in Georgia, but across the U.S.

Shoda also understands “the true value of strategic partnerships” (and teaches a course by that name), helping consumers and Realtors learn to optimize available resources.  For example, if a client is interested in purchasing investment property, Solid Source will give the client access to free advice from top-notch attorneys and property management firms.

Shoda prefers to work with people with “similar values” to her high standards: “The level of service your clients receive should be viewed as an extension of yourself.”  Her founding philosophy is to make sure everyone feels valued and appreciated. She concludes: “We know that our incredible growth is attributed to God’s blessing and our corporate commitment of excellent service to our agents, staff, partners and clients.”

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