Tuesday, August 14, 2007


PTG Studios is pleased to announce the selection of EnerMax, Inc. for its innovative, educational television series, Pulse on America. PTG Studios will geature the company in a segment on “Energy Companies to Watch” as part of the Pulse on Energy series. The show will be aired nationally, as well as on regional cable stations.
This Texas-based company explores and develops oil and natural gas resources from reserves along the Texas Gulf Coast. EnerMax specializes in obtaining technology -driven projects that cover a wide range of reservoirs along a very specific geographical area.
EnerMax’s strategy for exploration and growth is to build relationships with companies that can help them add reserves and minimize capital exposure. Their alliance with American Energy creates a technical team that includes geophysical advisor John Hennessey and the advantage of utilizing a 3-D seismic reader for the evaluation, interpretation and identification of areas that are highly likely to yield gas and oil.
EnerMax has achieved the desired results by partnering with individuals and organizations that have substantial industry experience. These affiliations provide very strong advantages in securing relationships with successful exploration companies in their search for domestic natural gas and oil reserves.
This small company is considered to be a rising star to those in the energy industry based on the results and strides they have made. The company has had four straight years of more than 50% gains in gross revenues from the previous year. Bret Boteler, president, founded EnerMax on the principles of integrity, honesty and hard work. The company is not only expanding its projects but building investor capital as well. EnerMax’s geo-science group is well educated and experienced to accurately evaluate prospects. For more information, please visit http://www.EnerMaxInc.com.

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