Wednesday, August 15, 2007

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Deerfield Beach, FL – PTG Studios is pleased to announce the selection of Kintech USA – Enspri® for its innovative, educational television series, Today’s Family. The organization will be featured in a segment on “Keeping the Skin in Shape” in the Recapturing Our Youth Series.
Enspri® is the startup venture by Sue Kint, president of Kintech USA --They are the creators of beauty aids Enspri® Collagen 5000 and Enspri® Ceramide Skin Essence, two high quality skincare products that really work to promote radiant, healthy skin. As woman mature, collagen levels in the skin begin to decrease, causing unwanted wrinkles and dry skin. Fortunately, the visible signs of aging can be diminished with Enspri’s product line
Enspri® Collagen 5000 is a 100% pure natural collagen peptide facial mask in a unique powder form. Proprietary Enzyme Engineering Technology is used to achieve a low molecular weight, which results in increased interaction of the collagen with the outer layer of the skin. Research indicates that collagen peptide replenishment improves skin structure. Collagen is considered an anti-irritant and does not cause allergic reactions when used on the skin. It assists in promoting healthy skin moisture, therefore enhancing skin elasticity. It tones and tightens the skin giving the appearance of reducing wrinkles, leaving you with a beautiful, healthy and more youthful appearance.
Enspri® Ceramide Skin Essence is a specially formulated blend of ceramide and other effective ingredients, which helps regulate the rate of moisture loss from the skin. It is specially designed for sensitive skin to enhance dermal hydration. It boosts the skin’s natural ability to nourish, hydrate and oxygenate itself, thereby offsetting the visible signs of aging and increases its resistance to damage from environmental affects. Enspri® Ceramide Skin Essence deeply revitalizes and re-textures the skin giving the feel of increased firmness, as well as a more even and supple look, while leaving the skin feeling silky, smooth and refreshed.
President Sue Kint says that when first introduced to Collagen 5000 and Ceramide Skin Essence, “I tried them and was astonished by the rapid, positive effect the products had on my sensitive skin. After only a few applications I noticed a dramatic change in my skin’s texture and appearance. Fine lines and dryness vanished. My skin felt firmer and more resilient. Friends and associates even commented that I looked years younger and wanted to know my “secret.””
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