Tuesday, August 14, 2007

PTG STUDIOS FEATURES Favorite Agent- PTG Studios

PTG Studios / Platinum Television Group is pleased to announce the selection of FavoriteAgent.com for its innovative, educational television series, Pulse On America, to be featured in a segment on “Special Report: Changing the Way Real Estate is Sold in America” as part of a series called Eye on Real Estate. The show will be aired nationally, as well as on regional cable stations.
FavoriteAgent.com, an Internet-based real estate company with agent partners in all fifty states and Canada, Australia, and New Zealand, specializes in real estate lead capture. Its customer-acquisition technology is part of an international revolution in the real estate industry.
Matt Jones, founder of FavoriteAgent.com (headquartered in Fayetteville, NC), began re-designing the traditional real estate model because it didn’t work for him. He had tried all the things he’d been told to try, yet he was failing – and frustrated. Only two years later, though, FavoriteAgent is the largest brokerage in its market area, with twice as many agents as its closest competitor.
FavoriteAgent.com is a real estate and technology company looking toward a bright future. It is both a local real estate company with plans to franchise into selected markets beginning in 2007, and an international agent-services technology company.
Already, FavoriteAgent has signed more than 1000 agent partners, and there are plans to grow the network to 5000 markets over the next few years.

For more information, please visit http://www.favoriteagent.com

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