Tuesday, August 14, 2007

PTG STUDIOS FEATURES Grammas Cutters - PTG Studios

PTG Studios is pleased to announce the selection of Gramma’s Cutters Corp. for its innovative, educational television series, Today’s Family. The organization will be featured in a segment on “Food for the Holidays” in our Holiday Collection Series.
Gramma’s Cutters Corp., based in Bloomfield, NY, is the place to find classic Aunt Chick™ cookie cutters on a site dedicated to all things “Aunt Chick”™. They offer the unique opportunity for those who have loved these holiday cutters for generations to bring back traditional family values through their products by getting families to starting cooking and baking together again, just like Aunt Chick intended.
Featured themed sets include: Merry Christmas, Happy Day, American Traditions, Special Day, Flower Garden, Jolly Day, and Pastry. Cutter designs come in unique varieties from Jolly Santa and a Stocking Full of Toys, to a Snowman, Jack-o'-lantern, Easter Bunny, Clown, Cupid, the American Flag, and a Pilgrim.
“Aunt Chick,” a.k.a. Nettie McBirney, became an international figure for her culinary inventions in the 1930's and 40's. In 1948 her cutting edge invention of plastic embossed molds with special pebbled interiors, to keep the dough from sticking, revolutionized cookie cutters and created a worldwide tradition. But by 1982, they were hard to find. Bakers began stashing them away for fear that they would never be available again.
Carrie Greno, founder and president of Gramma's Cutters, was first introduced to these cutters through her grandmother, Bunny Pittenger, who purchased the Merry Xmas Set in 1949. Bunny said she had her children making cookies before they could walk.

Over the past ten years, Greno’s family has located and acquired all of the original Aunt Chick's molds, trademark and copyrights. In that time, the company has offered some vintage and reproduction cutters.

For more information, see www.grammascutters.com.

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